Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eclectic Art Gallery

Some women want massages and jewelry. I want to look at beautiful art. But, if I could have a massage while looking at beautiful art, we would have a serious win.

 I'd like to introduce you to the artist who created the star of my new little art gallery. I met Sarah in college through my husband's family. She's confidant, kind, and always wearing a smile. (Sorry, guys, I hear she's taken.) I lost touch with her over the years, but when she started posting photos on fb of her art, I was drooling all over my keyboard.

Sweet scenery with a touch of country flare. Bright blues and green. Mischievous little birds on coffee dyed paper.

I batted my eyes, "God, I know art is not in our budget at the moment, but if it were, then I would buy one of those beauties in a flash."

Wouldn't you know, right after that, she sent word that she was wanting to give away some paintings to spread word about her art and get some feedback on her etsy shop.

I was all over that like a freshly-bathed toddler in a bowl of spaghetti!! (Yeah....a mom simile. Sorry, it's all I got these days).

When she asked, I told her that my favorite scene is freshly rolled hay fields in the country because they remind me of my wedding. I was married in the North Georgia mountains in the middle of a hay field. They were rolling the hay during our rehearsal dinner!

I thought I couldn't like anything more than the pieces she already had on her etsy shop, but when created this for me my jaw dropped!

Not only was it gorgeous, but it turned out to be just the thing I needed to bring together the hodge podge of photo frames I had been saving for an art gallery in the living room.

My mother-in-law helped me arrange them. We traced the frames on builder's paper, arranged the cut-outs on the wall, and then hammered in the nails once we had an arrangement we liked.

Whenever I look at it I just smile and remember the day I married my love. Someone come give me a massage while I look at it. ;) Then check out Sarah's etsy shop, SEA Original Designs, and drool with me. There's some gorgeous, handmade jewelry there now too. Support an artist and spread the word. And never be afraid to bat your eyes and ask your Daddy to spoil you a little ;) He loves to make you smile.