Sunday, June 23, 2013

This Is Winning

When Caleb was sick before his first surgery, I found myself on the floor crying one day. I couldn't keep up with everything and I couldn't get my sick little baby to stop fussing and I dropped down and cried to God, "I just can't win!"

The Holy Spirit said strong and clearly, "This IS winning."

When you have given of yourself to the point that it hurts, that it's hard, that it feels like sacrifice, then you have learned how to really love.

When you let it hurt, keep giving it to Jesus, and keep doing the right thing no matter how difficult it feels, then you have begun to learn perseverance.

How will you ever know the God who does the impossible unless you decide to keep loving in a way that feels impossible?

How will you find out that His strength is made perfect in weakness unless you try doing something that takes more strength than you have?

When being a wife or mother hurts, is difficult, is too big a job for doesn't mean you're losing. It is a reminder that you are running a race and you are running it to win. Keep going!

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  1. What a message, girl! True grit right there. Yes, this is God winning -- you are such an example of Holy Spirit "winning". Love you, the Nana ♥