Tuesday, January 27, 2015

10 Ways Finding a Church is Just Like Going on a Blind Date

As much as we love the church we've been at the last couple years, we've been visiting some churches closer to home because, honestly, just leaving the driveway with 3 kids feels like trying to climb Mt. Everest at 8 am on our "day of rest".  I love seeing what churches in our local community are all about, but I also feel like I've flashed back to college all over again and I'm on the search for "the one".....

1. Your Friends Set You Up

You have that one friend who is in a great relationship and wants you to be as happy as they are so they won't stop pestering you. They know someone just perfect for you. Don't you want to give it a shot? You never know. Maybe you'll fall in love. Come on. We'd love to see you there Sunday morning!

2. You Check Them Out Online Before The Big Day

It's the age of social media. No blind date is really blind. You are definitely going to check this church out online first. Scroll through the profile. What do they look like? What have they been up to?  Are they tweeting anything interesting? Do they even use social media or are they stuck in the dark ages? If you're lucky, you may even be able to watch a sermon online for a real sneak peak.

3. You Both Put Your Best Foot Forward

The big day arrives. You tear through your closet trying to find something appropriate to wear. Something dressy, but not too dressy. You don't want to look too eager. You also don't want to be too casual and have them looking down on you. Good grief. Just put something on. Either they'll like you the way you are or they're not worth it. When you arrive, you realize with a sigh of relief that everyone walking into the building is wearing something different. You see suits, dresses, jeans, and T-shirts. Apparently no one else knows what's appropriate to wear to church these days either.  The one thing in common that everyone is wearing is a big, cheesy smile as they nod at each other. You throw on your smile and walk in. The ushers greet you, "Good Morning! Glad to Have You!" as they hand you the program. Shake hands. Take the flier. Let the date begin!

5. After the Small Talk, The Truth Comes Out

You shook hands. You've taken a seat. Now it's time to really get to know each other. Do you like the same music? Do they dance, shuffle a bit, or just sway when  their song comes on? After worship, the pastor starts to really put himself out there. Is he passionate or easy going?  Do you share the same vision and convictions? Do his words make your heart pound in your chest or are you trying not to yawn?

6. Is He a Good Kisser?

When heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss, will there be tongues involved? You know....tongues, prophetic words, or anybody falling on the floor from the weight of glory??

6. Will there be a Second Date?

'Cause they've got a blank space, baby. Please write your name. No, really, please write your name in that blank space on the Visitor's Card. They want to call you. They want to send you a postcard. They really want to see you again. Next week. Same time. Same place.

7. If You Have Children Already...

It's top priority for you that your children like the church. If this place makes babies cry then this is probably not going to work out.

8. You Don't Want To Overcommit

Things are going well. You've seen each other a couple of times and you've really hit it off. All of a sudden, they're wanting you to be more involved. Do you want to get together another night this week to pray? Do you mind watching the kids at the evening service--just once a month? Can they move into your place? The small group needs somewhere to meet. You just aren't sure if you're ready for that level of commitment yet.

9. The Breakup Could Be Awkward

You're having a great time, but what if you run into some differences that can't be remedied? Perhaps you drink and they don't believe in that. Perhaps the miles between you are just too many. Perhaps you disagree on what year the world will end. Whatever the reason, how do you tell them so? Do you stand them up, friend zone them, or let them down gently?

10. But Maybe You'll Fall in Love

It's a risk. You might be wasting your time or you might have just made the best decision of your life.  You might fall in love and begin a life changing relationship that will last for years. You might just find the place where you belong. I've never met a "perfect" church, but every church I've been a part of has changed my life for the better and given me an opportunity to serve others. I can tell you when it's over that the high is worth the pain. Gahh, Taylor Swift, why can't I get you of my head?! Anyway, it's worth it--every bit worth it. 

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